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BREAKING NEWS! Just ASK great time at ASCD in Boston! Paula, Brenda, and Julie chatted with folks about our current partnerships or how we might work together in the near future. Pictures coming soon!

The Just ASK Spring 2018 Mentoring in the 21st Century® Institute will be held April 18-20, 2018, in the Washington, D.C. area! Register now!

WOW! The issue of Making Standards Come Alive! titled “Let’s Hear It for Empathy” is the most read issue of the entire collection. If you liked it,  you are really going to like “Let’s Hear It for Civility!” In this issue, Heather provides a solid rationale for teaching our students how to use civil behavior whenever they engage in discussions  and shares dozens of strategies to use in so doing. JUST RELEASED: Also read her latest issue  “Let’s Hear It for Activism!” in which she makes powerful connections between student voice and choice as they hone their persuasive/argumentative writing skills. Heather is really on a roll with these issues! Don’t miss them.

March 2018 Mentoring Memo is Now Available: You can access the March Mentor’s Calendar for guidance as to how best to support novice teachers this month. The March Tool of the Month,  Advice to New Teachers,” is a 13-minute clip available in the Mentoring and Induction section of our Resources Center and on Just ASK’s YouTube Channel. The reflective questions and the extraordinary answers are just what you need to share with those novice teachers this month. Shari VanderVelde’s advice is truly inspirational. 

Don’t miss all our absolutely free online tools and templates designed to support your use of seven of our best selling books!

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