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Each issue of The Mentoring Memo features mentoring calendars for the current time of the year. The November and December calendars are included in this issue. These calendars, excerpted and updated from The 21st Century Mentor’s Handbook, offer suggestions for mentoring actions to support novice teachers and teachers new to the district. When you take a look at them, you will quickly see how useful they are. Be sure to forward them to your mentoring colleagues. Post them or a link to them on your district/school website.

Categories of assistance and support include: Personal; Professionalism; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Organizational Systems; Students; Working with Colleagues; School and School System Policies and Procedures; and Parent and Community. And, since the developer has a special education background, there is also a section titled Especially for Special Educators.


Tool of the month
Parents as Partners

The 2017-2018 edition of Parents as Partners includes some interesting and valuable new tidbits and as well as selected highlights from Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?

Tips you will want to share with novice teachers… and perhaps even use yourself:

  • Paula’s Picks: Best Sites for Teacher Email Advice
  • Beyond Email and LMSs
  • Virtual Office Hours with Video Calling
  • Low-Tech Ways to Communicate with Parents
  • Putting Out the Red Carpet When Parents Arrive at School
  • Working with Parents as Partners: How Am I Doing? Self-Assessment

Download, share, or print the Parents as Partners tool HERE.

Parents as Partners 2017-2018



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