The March Mentoring Memo

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Each issue of Just ASK’s Mentoring Memo features a mentoring calendar for the current time of the year. The March mentoring calendar is included in this issue. This monthly calendar, excerpted and updated from The 21stCentury Mentor’s Handbook, offers suggestions for mentoring actions to support novice teachers and teachers new to the district. When you check out the calendar, you will quickly see how useful they can be in your mentoring work.

                                           Download the March Calendar


March Tools

St Patricks day luck with resource center


The on demand mentoring and induction resources
on the Just ASK website are unequaled on the web!


Given that it is not only time for St. Patrick’s Day, but also time for March madness, it seems only fitting that we explore some of those Just ASK on demand resources in various brackets.

  • In the Video Clip Bracket we have Messages for Mentors as well as clips featuring mentors and their protégées reflecting on their relationships, a principal, coach, and protégée team clarifying their roles, and a superstar teacher sharing advice for new teachers.
  • In the Mentoring in the 21st Century® e-newsletter Bracket those selected are Dealing with the Paper Flow, Finding the Time, Challenges and Concerns of New Teachers,  andLearning from New Teachers
  • In the Tools and Templates Bracket you will find Tools for New Teachers, Tools for Mentors, Tools for Peer Observations, and Tools for Instructional Planning
  • In the Self-Assessment/How Am I Doing? Bracket the picks are Working with Parents as Partners, Setting Myself Up for Success, Organizing the Classroom for Learning, and Framing the Learning


Let the games begin!




 Just ASK Mentoring Statistics